Monday December 5, 2022 – David’s example: Despair to prayer to faith

Psalm 13:5, 6  But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation.  6 I will sing to the LORD, for he has been good to me.

How long??  How long is it going to take me to find a job?  How long will it be before you answer my prayer, Lord?  How long before my spouse, or son, or daughter or friend, comes to know you?  How long am I going to have to struggle with_________? (fill in the blank)

What things are going on in our lives that the above questions describe our pleas to God?  Or, maybe we aren’t praying but simply asking ourselves these questions in frustration.  The struggles just seem to be never-ending and have led us to hopelessness and despair.  We become convinced we are alone and are stuck in situations with no way out.

When reading today’s faith-filled verses, we might respond, yes, but….  If you only knew…  While they declare such wonderful and important truths, we can respond thinking they are at odds with our situations.  But, if we look a few verses earlier, we see that David was in the midst of serious struggles when he cried out to God with questions just like these.

Four times in verses 1 and 2 David expresses his despair in asking God “How long?”

1How long, O LORD? Will you forget me forever?
How long will you hide your face from me?
2 How long must I wrestle with my thoughts
and every day have sorrow in my heart?
How long will my enemy triumph over me?

But then in verses 3 and 4 David’s despair becomes prayer:

3Look on me and answer, O LORD my God.
Give light to my eyes, or I will sleep in death;
4 my enemy will say, “I have overcome him,”
and my foes will rejoice when I fall.

Praise God!  David’s prayer leads to his wonderful faith-filled declaration of the truth:

5But I trust in your unfailing love;
my heart rejoices in your salvation.
6 I will sing to the LORD,
for he has been good to me.

Despair – we cannot stop there.  Prayer – is vital but is part of the way there.  Faith – is where we must be, and where He will lead us.


About Don Schmidt

Beginning in the fall of 2009, Don was VP of Operations & Director of Student Life for 2 years at Williamson Christian College in Franklin, TN - a wonderful, accredited 4 year college for adult learners. That is where he started writing the devotionals. The passion of his heart is to love God and to help others learn to love God more and more. He grew up in St. Joseph, MI - Class of '66. Graduated from Michigan State in '70 and Wheaton Grad School in '78. Thunderous conversion October 11, 1968. He and Donna were engaged 2 hrs & 15 minutes after they met August 25, 1969 at a Christian camp in Georgia. They married in '70 and have 4 wonderful sons. Most of his adult career has been in business in NE Ohio. They lived for 20 years in Peninsula, OH. They attended St. Luke's Ministries (Anglican) in Copley, OH for many years. Six years ago they were reassigned by the Lord to attend River of Life Community Church in Hudson, OH. St. Luke's prayerfully sent them off on this new adventure with much love.
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